Drag Queen & TV host Rupaul will turn 62 on November 17

With successful TV series of RuPaul’s Drag Race in the US, UK and all over the world, RuPaul is a familiar celebrity face, and his show has won several awards. RuPaul has also created TV dramas, written books and hosted a talk show. He married longtime partner Georges LeBar in 2017 and they live between LA and their ranch in Wyoming.

Fire Prince

First card on my table for RuPaul is the Fire Prince, linking him to a comedy co-star, with a lilting accent - together they can write, and star, in a blockbuster time-travelling rom com.

High Priest

Card two for RuPaul is The High Priest, a mature symbol of wisdom, loyalty and conscience, and a path rich in experience and knowledge rather than money. Crossed keys, in different colours, and the number 5 can be crucial luck markers in the near future - and RuPaul can be travelling back towards an address, or person,  from his past that still has a great hold on hie present.


Finally I draw the Sun for RuPaul - a card radiating both the warmth of ambition and the heat of success. Deciding to take part in a reality show in a hot location, that strips away all surface glitz, can shine a very different, positive spotlight on him.