Ruby Tandoh

Baker and writer Ruby Tandoh will turn 32 on July 4

Eldest of four children and born and brought up in Southend-on-Sea, former model Ruby was one of the youngest contestants ever in The Great British Bake-off. She finished runner-up in 2013. Ruby's since written several best-selling cookbooks and is also a columnist and has been published in media in the UK and USA.

Earth Queen

First card on for Ruby is The Earth Queen, a fitting symbol of nurture and care, reflecting her ability to make people feel good via her delicious recipes and techniques. This is a powerful card of sharing and caring, and embodies natural wisdom - showing Ruby may be very wise beyond her tender years. So her words can be extremely influential, but she should guard against giving so much to others that she leaves little energy for herself.


Card Two is Strength, indicating the personal qualities Ruby called upon to cope with the public attention, not all positive, she received during the TV series. Logos linked to lions, number 11 and people born under the star sign of Leo can all be instrumental in Ruby’s future.


Lastly, I draw the Star, showing that a very special cake, in the shape of a star, or decorated with stars, can take Ruby flying high to a new level of fame.