Singer and actress Rihanna will turn 35 on February 20

Barbados-born Rihanna is a music megastar who’s sold over 250 million records worldwide and now has her own beauty and fashion brands, as well as supporting many good causes. She just performed at the Super Bowl in the US and revealed she’s expecting her second child with rapper partner, ASAP Rocky.


The first Tarot card on my table has an image of a beautiful woman effortlessly controlling a fierce lion - yes this is the Strength card. It suggests a future of Rihanna taking further control of her own career, and making some choices that may surprise other people. It won’t always be easy, but inside she knows she can trust the strength of her own judgement. Time-wasters and fake friends can go - and Rihanna may even run for political office, either in her native Barbados or in the US.

Ten of Earth

Second card for Rihanna is the Ten of Earth. This is a card of solid foundations and family celebrations. Someone who shares her initial can be at the heart of this process - sharing a bond of deep and unbreakable connection.

Ace of Fire

Lastly, the Ace of Fire - several prize lists with Rihanna at Number One, and lots of further firsts, including a fiery meeting with an “M” star she really admires.