Rick Astley

Singer Rick Astley will turn 58 on February 6

A huge pop star in the 80s with hits including Never Going To Give You Up, Rick retired from the music business for several years but was back with a bang with two crowd-pleasing sets at last year’s Glastonbury Festival. He has a new album out called Are We There Yet?, has been married to film producer Lee Bausauger since 2003, and has one daughter.

Ten of Water

First card for Rick is the Ten of Water, a card of unity and a sense of solidarity with others, perhaps in a healing role. Connecting with a water-based group or individual can win Rick a place in a Top Ten, with a caring, conservation theme. Rainbow colours and shapes are significant.

High Priest

Next up, is The High Priest. This takes Rick back in time to a place that means a lot to him - perhaps his birthplace, Lancashire. Some information he finds there can unlock many new personal paths, including a chance to employ his hard-earned life skills and wisdom in the sphere of local politics. An older man, with a Royal connection, can play a part.


Finally, I draw the Sun, a card of pure, simple success, on so many levels. Writing a theme song for a show set in the sunshine can make Rick an even bigger star, plus start an unstoppable global dance craze.