Richard Madden

Actor Richard Madden will turn 38 on June 18

Proud Scot Richard was born and grew up near Glasgow, and has starred in hit roles from Robb Stark in Game of Thrones to David Budd in Bodyguard. He also played Elton John’s manager John Reid in the movie Rocketman and was recently on screens in spy thriller series Citadel. Richard divides his time between LA and the UK.

Fire King

First card on my table for Richard is The Fire King, a dynamic symbol of power, courage and mature energy. A man of very similar age and height, with a loud voice and Royal connections, can team up with Richard to tell an epic leadership story. Personality clashes and power struggles are likely, but still this project could break audience records right around the world.

Eight of Earth

Richard’s second card is the Eight of Earth, a strong decluttering signal of letting material objects, and perhaps burdensome memories or regrets, go for good. A practical idea, linked to books, can be a business winner.


Lastly, I draw the Hermit, a card of deep inner scrutiny and self-awareness, which encourages a period of rest and recovery, after great personal efforts. This can also indicate undertaking a course of study, and even gaining some qualifications, in some kind of spiritual practice.