Rachel Weisz

Fascinating actress Rachel Weisz turns 50 on March 7

Milestone birthday this week for film star Rachel, who we can see on screen in the blockbuster movie Black Widow, out in May. She married the James Bond star Daniel Craig in 2011 and has a degree from Cambridge University - the Tarot reflects the many facets of Rachel’s personality.


The first card out of the pack is The Moon, which suggests a growing drive in Rachel to talk about her own philosophy of life — but also to speak out for people without a voice. A meeting at a film premiere, or other starry event, brings the chance to shine more on the other, producer, side of the camera, on projects that really make a difference. “M” countries are key.

Seven of Water

The second card is The Seven Of Water, a card of seeing ideas through to completion and success — even the most challenging ones. A worldwide journey to promote a charity and working closely with someone who looks like her — and could turn out to be a distant relative, which surprises both of them.

Wheel of Fortune

The third card is The Wheel Of Fortune card, indicator of luck and love rippling outwards, in patterns of circles. Swopping roles, prizes linked to a fast-action sport, round buildings and addresses linked to number 10, play a significant role in Rachel’s future. And if she hadn’t become an actress, she could have made a fine lawyer.