Rachel Riley

TV presenter Rachel Riley will turn 36 on January 11

With a degree in mathematics from Oxford University, Rachel was only 22 when she beat 1000 applicants to win the role of numbers queen on cult TV show Countdown. She’s been impressing fans with her lightning calculations ever since. Rachel is married to Pasha Kovalev, who she met on Strictly Come Dancing, and they have two young daughters.


Rachel’s first card is Justice - symbol of going the extra mile in pursuit of equality and truth. This card can sometimes suggest a break from an established team, to pursue a solo ambition, and a simple, but ingenious invention (with children in mind) can be part of this. A judging role in a whole new language can also be a surprise direction for Rachel.


Card two is the Beginning, symbol of adventure, excitement and a sparkling new phase of life. A friend/colleague, who makes a living telling jokes, can be the catalyst - and a stand-up career can be closer than Rachel expects.

Water Princess

Finally I draw the Water Princess, representing the power of illusion. Stripping away pretence is Rachel’s route to happiness. This can link to a smart, outspoken older woman, as skilled with words as Rachel is with numbers.