Priyanka Chopra

Actress and Producer Priyanka Chopra will turn 41 on July 18

Priyanka won the Miss World title in 2000 before becoming a huge film star in her native India. She has since also starred in many US/UK TV shows and movies, including recent thriller series Citadel, and movie romcom Love Again, alongside Celine Dion. Priyanka is married to musician Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers and the couple have one daughter.

Water King

Priyanka’s first card is the Water King, which is a card of growing maturity and personal peace. A talent for unusual structures, on or near a famous harbour, can be part of her future. This may be a film or TV set she designs herself, for a long-term project she develops with her family, that reflects her personal history.


Second card out, is the Lovers. On one level this is a card of emotional balance and bliss - a positive romance sign. But it can also indicate huge success for a male-female creative bond, and two people on uncannily the same professional wavelength. This can link Priyanka to an older male writer, and performer, of iconic love songs.

Six of Earth

Lastly I draw the Six of Earth, bringing special messages, or signatures, in very ornate writing or printing. This can include a Royal promise, question or invitation.