Pixie Lott

Singer songwriter Pixie Lott will turn 32 on January 12

Pixie’s real name is Victoria, but she was nicknamed Pixie by her family as she was such a tiny cute baby. She had her first number one hit at 18, followed by a series of successful albums. Pixie also acts on screen and stage, and is one of the coaches on The Voice Kids UK. Last summer she married model Oliver Cheshire.

Five of Air

Pixie’s first card is the Five of Air, suggesting that a journey she makes at around 5pm, can lead to a golden prize, as she is seated next to someone who can turbo-charge her career flight path. Yes, this can be a Hollywood star with a five-letter name, who she does not at first recognise.


Pixie’s next card is the Empress, the strongest Tarot symbol of femininity and fertility. Yes, this can be a sign of a family that grows very fast - but also Pixie’s ability to start, and nurture, a global baby-based brand.

Water King

Finally, I draw The Water King, a card of emotional maturity and a brilliant ability to balance thoughts, feelings and actions, no matter what life brings. There can be a strong link to the sea in this card too, and to people with a link to sailing. If Pixie feels conflicted, wild swimming, with a handsome man, can settle her stormy mind, and her heart.