Pippa Middleton

Socialite and author Pippa Middleton will turn 39 on September 6

Pippa (full name Philippa), caused a stir around the world in her form-fitting dress when she was bridesmaid at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William. Pippa has written books and contributed to many publications and is currently a busy parent to a boy and two girls, with husband, James Matthews.


Pippa’s first Tarot card is Justice, a powerful symbol of seeking balance, equality and fair play, in everything from professional life to passion. This is also a card of simplifying life, letting difficult people and situations go, instead of struggling to make them work. A Libra who often wears a uniform, can be a great friend or career collaborator. It starts with a birthday surprise.


Pippa’s second card is the Emperor, symbol of royalty and responsibility - this can link to the title Laird of Glen Affric, which her husband will inherit. Pippa could face big decisions over a new role in a very different location.

Ace of Air

Thirdly, I draw the Ace of Air, signalling a sudden flash of inspiration - perhaps linked to Pippa’s role in her family’s party business. Number 10, yellow walls or food and inventing an unusual drink can all be part of Pippa’s sparkling future.