Singer and performer Pink will turn 42 on September 8

Born Alecia Beth Moore in Pennsylvania, Pink has blazed a trail through pop music. She trained as a gymnast, and is famed for her athletic stage performances. Pink’s married to Carey Hart, has two children, Willow (10) and Jameson (4) and this year starred in a documentary about her life Pink: All I Know So Far.

Wheel of Fortune

Her first card is the Wheel of Fortune, representing progressive change but also a constant reminder that fortune can go in both directions, good and bad. If Pink travels back in time to a childhood location, and revisits a skill she had to abandon, then she can reshape her future into something that guarantees every day is unique. Spinning numbers, a revolving stage and a country with a circle in its flag, are all significant.

Eight of Earth

Card two is the Eight of Earth, symbol of protection, and practical change. This is the talent card, and also indicates a large sum of money being used at a local level. Investing in projects close to home, especially music ones, can be so rewarding.


Finally I draw maternal symbol, The Empress. Pink has already recorded a song with her daughter - her version of one written by Willow can end up as a TV show theme tune.