Perrie Edwards

Singer Perrie Edwards turns 29 on July 10

For over ten years Perrie has been part of Little Mix, starting as X-Factor winners and going on to be one of the biggest girl bands of all time. The group are currently having a break, and fans eagerly await Perrie’s solo material. Perrie is engaged to footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and they have a son, Axel, nearly one.

Nine of Earth

First on my table for Perrie is the Nine of Earth, a card of experience and imagination coming together in one special new address. This can link to spending time in Hollywood, writing music and/or words for an exciting new project. And in love terms, this card suggests bare feet standing together on a beach - and a special shared date with a “9“ in it.

High Priestess

Card Two for Perrie is the High Priestess, representing spirituality and balance. A time of feeling swamped by advice or expectations is over, and Perrie is ready to make some surprising choices, just for herself. She’s suffered various health issues over the years, and has no sense of smell - and a role advising and inspiring others, perhaps via the NHS, can feel a natural fit.

Ace of Water

Perrie’s final card is the Ace of Water, card of creativity, simple contentment and births — of businesses, and babies.