Paul Hollywood

Baker and TV presenter Paul Hollywood will turn 55 on March 1

Paul started his career in his father's bakery in Cheshire, then worked all over the world as a baker. He has acted as a judge in every series of The Great British Bake-Off, and featured in the US version and also in many other TV shows. Paul has one son from his previous marriage and lives in Kent.


First card on my table for Paul reflects his many years of judging in fair and honest fashion. Yes, it’s the Justice card - symbol of going the extra mile to find the right answers rather than the obvious ones. This card often suggests breaking free from a team to follow a solo ambition, and a simple, but super-smart invention can be one route this takes. This can also often indicate second chances in love, and a marriage or legal partnership of some kind.


Card two is the Beginning, a powerful symbol of adventure, excitement and a totally new phase of life. Driving very fast vehicles can be a factor, and there are links to a person who makes a living telling jokes.

Water Princess

Finally I draw the Water Princess, a strong symbol of illusion and image. Stripping away pretence is Paul’s key to finding lasting happiness.  This can link to an outspoken female, who always dresses in a stand-out way.