Olivia Colman

Actress Olivia Colman will turn 49 on January 30

Multi-award-winning Olivia, whose real name is Sarah, was born in Norfolk and went to drama school in Bristol. She’s appeared on TV shows including Broadchurch, won an Oscar for her starring role in The Favourite and had four films out in the last year alone. She’s married to screenwriter Ed Sinclair and has three children.


First card on my table is The Moon, which suggests a growing urge in Olivia to stand up for herself, and for people without a voice. A chance meeting at a photo shoot, or on a red carpet, brings the chance to beef up Olivia’s producer stakes, by taking on controversial, even risky, projects. “A” locations play a key part.

Wheel of Fortune

Second card is the Wheel of Fortune, strong indicator of luck and love spinning in circular patterns. Role-swops, revolving wheels, curved buildings and addresses linked to number 10, can all come into play in Olivia’s future. Plus a late addition can complete a family circle.

Seven of Water

Lastly I draw the Seven of Water, card of finishing what’s been started and seeing ideas through to completion. A journey over oceans to a new address, and working closely with someone she loves, are all potential interpretations of this card.