Niki Minaj

Amazing rap star and fashion inspiration Niki Minaj will celebrate turning 36 on December 8

The sometimes fierce always meaningful and brilliant words she writes and performs have resulted in sales of 20 million singles.
Whilst yearly earnings of $29 million make her the only woman to feature the list of hip-hop Cash Kings. She really is a complex mixture of talents and it matches the first card coming out of the pack.


Yes, it's The Empress card. It tells of growing wealth and her mission is to help people to fulfil their potential by funding education.

Water Princess

The next card is the Princess Of Water. It suggests she is artistic and emotional - and it shows in her daring fashion style. And the confidence she gives people to dress as they truly want to. But the best of all these gifts is the power of her words and the way she performs. This is going to win her an International poetry prize.


Now a love card is on my tarot table and it's called The Chariot and it tells of romance racing her way, that mix friendship with a passion - plus shared ambitions in the worlds of music and the movies. But the two impressive horses pulling the chariot, face in different directions.
So she'll have choices to make. Nicki says she is single for the first time since she was sixteen, and really enjoying being independent. She also confides she is dating two people. One of them is the super talented Eminem. The identity of the other one is a mystery but it could just be an English musician turned actor.
But her message for everyone is that you don’t need a man to make you happy.