Nigella Lawson

Celebrity cook and writer Nigella Lawson will turn 60 on January 6

Nigella has fronted many cookery shows on TV - her latest is Cook, Eat, Repeat - and is famous for her sensual, easy-going approach to food. She’s also written 14 books.


Nigella’s first Tarot card is Justice, a powerful symbol of balance, equality and a sense of fair play, from professional life to passion. This is also a card of simplifying life, letting difficult people and situations go instead of struggling to make them work. It highlights a gorgeous Libra in a smart uniform, who may have been around Nigella’s life for a long time - yet suddenly stands out now. As great friends, work collaborators or partners, this can be a bond in a million. It starts with a birthday surprise and it thrives on two-way independence.

Ace of Air

Next out is the Ace of Air, signifying a sudden flash of brilliance and Nigella’s super-sharp mental powers to see and seize chances. Number 10, yellow flowers or food and an unusual drink can all be factors in future success.


Card Three is The Emperor, representing royalty and responsibility - which can both link to Nigella’s paternal side of the family. A role she may have rejected several times before now looks so right. And she is ready to make a challenging decision.