Niall Horan

Singer Niall Horan will turn 30 on September 13

After his X-Factor debut, Irish-born Niall was a member of mega boy band One Direction but since their break-up in 2016 has released three successful solo albums. He’s currently playing festivals, and starts a world tour in early 2024. Niall is in a relationship with designer shoe buyer Amelia Woolley.


First card out on my table for Niall is Beginning, which represents an open, curious mind and an inner decision to live more in the moment rather than worrying about the past or the future. Niall has been open about experiencing anxiety in his life, and this card shows not just learning to live with this, but channelling it into unusual, unique music and one-off events that help others so much too.


Niall’s second card is the Emperor, which can show a strong legacy chain on the male side of a family - and links to an address in Ireland that connects Niall to a famous Celtic hero. Demanding circumstances, and lack of time, can all be overcome with the right take-charge attitude.

Water Queen

Lastly I draw the Water Queen, a card of mystery and empathy, plus a gift of reading other people’s minds. This helps Niall step in in subtle ways when an old friend finds himself struggling.