Mischa Barton

Actress Mischa Barton will turn 38 on January 24

Mischa was born in London but grew up in the USA, where she found fame as the “it” girl in TV show The O.C. She’s recently guest-starred in the reboot of Neighbours and the 2023 film Invitation To A Murder.

High Priestess

First card on my table for Mischa is the High Priestess, a symbol of strong psychic ability and a voice that brings comfort to many. A stage show with an enigmatic star, and mysterious elements of magic, can be the key to a whole new career for Mischa, starting first as an audience member then later as a performer.

Air Queen

Card Two is The Air Queen, showing luck for Mischa linked to a special piece of jewellery. It may not be valuable in cash terms, but it contains secrets from the past and promises for the future - she can first catch sight of it in a street with a Royal-sounding name.


Lastly I draw the Beginning card. This is a card of fresh feelings and new starts, and an inner vow to live more in the moment. A film or TV show, shot in real time, and including a surprise impulsive speech, can blend Misha’s professional and personal-life in headline-grabbing fashion. This is a card of freedom and curiosity, open minds and open hearts.