Miley Cyrus

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus will turn 30 on November 23

She was a teenage TV and music sensation in Hannah Montana and has since had a string of hits as herself. Open, controversial and boundary-pushing in so many ways, gender fluid Miley was briefly married to actor Liam Hemsworth. She founded the Happy Hippie Foundation to encourage diversity and tolerance and support homeless youth.


Miley’s first card is the Sun, bringing warmth and light into every corner of life. In love terms, this card shows a strong, mature bond. And a sunshine home with a celebrity history can be the location.

Ace of Water

Card Two is the Ace of Water, a powerful predictor of birth but also of uniting different ideas and outlooks in one positive project. Writing or performing with her two sisters and two brothers can create a new success pathway - and Miley’s real name, Hope, on a sustainable fashion project can conquer the world. This card also reveals a natural gift for creating complex mysteries, perhaps in writing or screen projects.

Earth King

Lastly I draw the Earth King - a card of grounded happiness, with strong links to healing. When an older “R” man shares his personal and/or professional experience, they make a dream team.