Michelle Visage

Singer and TV personality Michelle Visage will turn 55 on September 20

Michelle, real name Michelle Lynn Shupack, was adopted as a baby and grew up in New Jersey. A well-known figure on the New York club scene, Michelle found her TV niche as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has also been a popular contestant on Celebrity Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing. She lives in California with husband David Case and two kids.

Self Sacrifice

First card I draw for Michelle is Self Sacrifice - which can suggest a sudden plunge into the unknown that feels scary but is also very satisfying. This can link to an outrageous gameshow concept that combines all the different shows Michelle has been a part of, but given her own unique twist. Yes, she may need to sacrifice certain aspects of her current working life, but can create many more.


Next on my table is the Chariot, the strongest travel card, and a powerful symbol of positive movement. As well as global travel, this card suggests inner journeys - and strong links to a woman (perhaps a Royal) who has a stable of elegant horses. A charity project undertaken together can be a turning point for both.

Ten of Air

Lastly, I draw the 10 of Air, which can indicate second honeymoons and fresh ways of making, and keeping, love vows. A long-time friend and collaborator can be the celebrant in a ceremony surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.