Michelle Keegan

Gifted and gorgeous actress Michelle Keegan will turn 33 on June 3

She’s just finished her final series of Our Girl on BBC1 and stars in Brassic on Sky - and last week celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with former TOWIE star Mark Wright. What’s coming up for mega-talented Stockport-born Michelle next? The Tarot is clear that post-lockdown, Michelle is going to be busier than ever.

Wheel of Fortune

Her first card is the Wheel of Fortune, mixing starry success with awareness that life and love are always turning, from positive to negative, easy to challenging. This takes Michelle to new worlds, that can include a panel show, a documentary close to her heart, and some filming in a famous, but very isolated location. All these teach her about herself - and how to stay in control of her own personal wheel. A flag that includes a circle is specially significant.

Eight of Earth

Card two is the creative, talented Eight of Earth. This card wakes up forgotten or unsuspected skills - linked to food, or art, or designing amazing interiors. And in relationships, it indicates a love boost when both partners work together to help others.


Lastly I draw the Star, a shining symbol of hope - and a signal that what the couple achieve together will inspire so many people.