Michelle Dockery

Stage and screen actress and singer Michelle Dockery celebrates turning 37 on December 16

From winning theatre awards for her role as Eliza Dolittle via the TV series Waking The Dead to her stand-out role as the formidable, fascinating, and fanciable, Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, Michelle gets under the skin of every character she portrays. And she's Lady Mary again in the major movie version of Downton Abbey due for release next year.


As the first card I turn over on my tarot table suggests this is the time when a good career starts to turn into an amazing one. Yes it’s The Sun card and it promises success will mean even more because it lifts the careers of colleagues.

Water Queen

Michelle has been appointed Oxfam’s first ever Humanitarian Ambassador and this is reflected in the second card, The Water Queen. It mixes sympathy and understanding with the determination and the ability to find practical solutions.

Seven of Air

Michelle has already revealed that she would like to make more of her music career. And her final card The Seven Of Air is a sign of musical ability. Although jazz is her favourite style, she will have choices to make, when an opera star tells her that opera lessons could reveal a true talent.