Meghan Trainor

Singer songwriter Meghan Trainor will turn 29 on December 22

Meghan, who originally comes from Nantucket USA, became famous for her hit song All About That Bass and has been an ambassador for body positivity. She did a stint as a judge on The Voice UK a couple of years ago. Meghan is married to actor Darryl Sabara and they have one son.

Eight of Earth

First card on my table for Meghan is the Eight of Earth, symbol of protection, and practical change. This is a powerful talent card, and special songs that Meghan writes with, or for, a group of eight celebrities, can bring her a foundation of lifelong security, plus a unique golden prize.

Wheel of Fortune

Next card is the Wheel of Fortune, representing a whirlwind of success but also a reminder that fortune can travel in both directions, up and down. If Meghan moves back in time and revisits a skill she had to abandon when younger, then she can reshape her future career. And a famous festival revolving stage, and a country with a circle in its flag, can be part of this.


Thirdly, I draw a strongly maternal symbol, The Empress. Yes, Meghan can be just at the very beginning of a rich, diverse and fun-filled family life, lived out in two very different locations.