Meghan Duchess of Sussex

Royal Family Member Meghan Duchess of Sussex will turn 41 on August 4

After stepping back from roles as full-time working royals in 2020, Meghan (formerly Markle) and her husband Prince Harry now live in California with their two children Archie and Lillibet, and pursue a variety of media and charity projects.


First on my table for the Duchess is Judgement, card of self-reflection and vital decision-making. This represents weighing up past actions, finding forgiveness, freedom and moving forward. And one key date, currently under discussion, plays a central role. This card can also appear when someone feels externally criticised and powerless to respond. But the inner strength is there to overcome this. And any new (perhaps creative) judging role Meghan takes on herself can lead to success.

Seven of Fire

Card Two is the Seven of Fire. This shows caring, daring and above all honest words being exchanged over an open fire or by candlelight. A mountainous home and a lasting bond with someone who really reminds her of herself, can also be indicated.

Air King

Lastly I draw the Air King, symbol of maturity and honesty, and the chance to clear the air with someone close. It’s good to win, this card says, but not if the personal price is too high.