Matt Smith

Actor Matt Smith will turn 38 on October 28

Matt's a TV favourite, first as Doctor Who and then as Prince Philip in The Crown. We’ll see him next on our screens in the movie The Forgiven, out in 2021. Matt’s currently single after breaking up with long-time girlfriend Lily James earlier this year.


First tarot card for Matt is The Hermit, a card of stepping away from the demands of life for a while and taking stock of what matters. Lockdown may have started this process for Matt, but he can build on it with a retreat of some kind, in a silent place surrounded by mountains. This card symbolises breaking through a protective shell to find personal wisdom.


Second card is The Emperor, indicator of taking charge and guiding a team of people. Yes, this takes Matt towards a directing job, that he may step into suddenly, but find a perfect match for his skills. And leading a charity with a link to parents and kids can be a role he fulfils so well.

Six of Fire

Lastly, I draw the Six of Fire, a card of trust in a person or project bearing fruit. A long-time work bond can move from friendship to something different and life-changing. And Matt can star in a unique show he’s championed for years.