Martin Freeman

TV and film star Martin Freeman will turn 49 on September 8

Award-winning actor Martin’s starred in so many TV shows and films, from The Office to The Hobbit. But his TV latest, parenting comedy Breeders, was also co-created and co-written by him.

Fire King

His first card reflects this expansion in creative skills - as I draw the  Fire King, symbol of generosity, inner power and confidence to create the life you need, as well as the one you want. Martin has several projects in his heart that he is ready to share with the world - and this is his moment. This is also a card of pure passion and the kind of love that changes everything. Someone from a famous family, with compelling eyes, can be his soulmate - if not a passion partner, a lasting, loving friend.

Five of Water

Card two for Martin is the Five of Water, showing clean breaks and the ability to let past disappointments go. Words spoken, or gifts given, at his birth have special significance now - along with a cooking competition, in real life or a script.


Lastly, the tarot gives Martin the Temperance card, with emphasis on its musical aspects. An “M” style of music has a special place in his heart but also helps him find balance and peace in life. Sharing this with the world, in a blog, podcast or show, is a positive move.