Margot Robbie

Actress and producer Margot Robbie will turn 31 on July 2

Margot, born and brought up in rural Australia, got her acting break in TV soap Neighbours, before becoming a major Hollywood star. She’ll be back as super-villain Harley Quinn in the latest Suicide Squad film, at the end of July. Margot is married to Tom Ackerley and they run a film production company together.


First card on my table for Margot is The Magician, reflecting her shapeshifting ability to take on varied roles - plus the special magic she brings to the screen. This card is a powerful symbol of big ideas, and drive to turn them into action. Yes, this can strain relationships, but just as heat tempers metal, it leaves a bond stronger. An award or address including number “1” can play a key part.


Card Two is The Star - showing a protective role for Margot, and also the power of dreams. An “S” face, or place, can be a destiny marker. And writing down her dreams daily can help Margot decode why.

Eight of Water

Margot’s final card is the Eight of Water - a strong “turning point” card. In diet, fitness, education, experience, love and friendship - wherever Margot needs to make a major change, this card helps it happen. A family, or team, of eight and a white ship can be significant.