Maisie Smith

Actress Maisie Smith will turn 23 on July 9

Maisie, from Essex, starred as Tiffany Butcher in EastEnders for many years and has most recently been on screen in the thriller Bermondsey Tales: Fall of the Roman Empire. She was runner up in Strictly Cone Dancing in 2020, where she first met her current boyfriend, singer Max George.


Maisie has come a long way and loves travel and exotic holidays and her first card, the Chariot, reflects this. She’s talked of moving to LA if work should lead her there and this card embodies all the drive and grit to succeed there. But the Chariot also shows an inner journey, the ability to accept mistakes and start again. It’s a strong symbol of peaceful home life after a time of turmoil and trials — some public and some private.

Air Princess

Next card out is the Air Princess, which can indicate a learning gap in the past. Going back into education of some kind, and using her exceptional skills of observing, and speaking up for others, could guide Maisie towards a law-linked role. This could be on screen, in a big TV or film crime series. Or she could use these abilities in a charity context.

High Priest

Lastly, I draw the High Priest, suggesting that Maisie could receive great support and advice from an older male actor with a “tough guy” image.