Queen of pop Madonna will turn 64 on August 16

Madonna’s had a long and illustrious career in music and acting and is a feminist icon. She’s just released a remix compilation album, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones, and is working on a biopic, directed and co-written by herself. She has six children and moves between homes all over the world, including London and New York.


Her first Tarot card, The Lovers, reflects Madonna’s vibrant love life and ability to push boundaries. But a special new closeness and commitment lies ahead, as she makes clear, key decisions about her own destiny. There’s also a natural match-making quality in this card, as Madonna finds happiness for friends, or maybe members of her own family. This can also suggest a surprise business collaboration with a political couple.

Ten of Fire

Card Two is the 10 of Fire, which carries a caution - choose battles carefully, be ready to let struggles go and move on. Groups of ten, fireworks and rainbow flashing lights mark lucky dates or meetings.


Finally, I draw The Empress, the most powerful symbol of the mother-child bond. Yes, Madonna may expand her family even further, and in a direction no one expects.