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Luisa Bradshaw-White


Shining star of EastEnders Luisa Bradshaw-White turns 43 on December 9th

From Grange Hill via Holby City to her brilliant portrayal of Tina Carter in EastEnders, Luisa is already being missed by Enders fans. And, yes, after some mysterious twists and turns in the storyline, she could be back. But as the first card out of the tarot pack shows, she will have other tantalising work choices to make — including touring the world with a collection of Shakespeare plays. The card is called The Nine Of Water.

So yes, when opportunities line up, she will instinctively know what’s best for her.

The next card is The Moon, it shows she can tune into other people’s true emotions. This makes her a caring friend, and an inspired lover. Yes, she can solve problems for other people — but she’s also full of ideas about how to make good things even better.

The summing-up card is The Four Of Earth and it suggests that within the next four years, she’ll be in her dream home, with a shelf filled with awards for her hypnotic performance as Lady Macbeth.