Louise Redknapp

Singer, actress and presenter Louise Redknapp will turn 45 on November 4

Fresh from a starring run in West End musical “9 to 5” and gearing up for the release of “Heavy Love”, her first studio album in almost 20 years, Louise Redknapp is back in style. So what other achievements does the Tarot see?

Two of Earth

The first card on the tarot table is the Two Of Earth, a symbol of organisation and focused effort. And it confirms she does have these qualities. And they help her to establish equilibrium in her home and in her love life - and although she may resist at first, letting a friend, a family member or even one of her two sons, Charley and Beau, matchmake for her can lead to a surprising, rewarding introduction. All kinds of pairings, including a musical duet can prove a hit, too. And lead to rich passion.


The second card is The Moon, a serene and calming card that brings out a true talent she can express writing fiction, perhaps under a pen name linked to history.

Water Queen

Louise’s next card is The Queen Of Water, it reveals a deep and mutual love with someone she is likely to first meet at a wedding. But someone from the past may ask for a second chance.