Lorraine Kelly

TV Presenter Lorraine Kelly will turn 64 on November 30

Proud Scot Lorraine was born in Glasgow and it’s very apt that she has a birthday on Saint Andrew’s Day. She’s a popular fixture on UK TV with her daily ITV talk show Lorraine, but has also appeared in numerous other TV and radio shows. Lorraine, who’s been awarded an OBE and CBE, married cameraman Steve Smith in 1992 and the couple have one daughter, Rosie.

Earth Queen

First card on the table for Lorraine is the Earth Queen, symbol of a strong business brain anchored by a warm, caring heart. Lorraine can connect so naturally with people in need - but should guard against giving too much of herself. Turning one room of her home into a unique meeting place, or stage, can reach a whole new audience, plus impress an influential “K” figure.

Ace of Fire

Next is the Ace of Fire - bursting with energy and self motivation. A one-off event with a red theme or logo, or where Lorraine wears a crimson dress or flower, can pivot her whole future in a new direction. While devising and/or hosting a talent show, with a close family member, can lead fast to profits and personal fulfilment.


Lorraine’s final card is the Hermit, which suggests a spell of relaxing into solitude, in a remote Highland location. An older, Scottish star, who lives a reclusive life, can provide surprising advice for Lorraine’s next phase of life.