Rapper Lizzo will turn 35 on April 27

Lizzo was born Melissa Viviane Jefferson in Detroit and at the age of 10 moved to Houston, Texas with her family. She’s released four hit studio albums with songs such as Juice and Truth Hurts and is a classically trained flautist who often uses her flute in her performance. An advocate for body positivity and confidence, Lizzo will headline Glastonbury this year.


First card for Lizzo is Beginning, symbol of innocence, and wiping the slate clean. Lizzo can get involved in a business with someone she loves, perhaps linked to children, or animals, that helps people heal. And someone she meets when she answers questions, in a brand new chat show format, can help her true passion destiny begin.


Her second card is The Tower, indicating upheaval ahead - it may often not be easy, but it’s always exciting. A fiery musical bond, that frequently erupts in positive (and sometimes negative) directions helps her redefine what she needs. Logos that include flames, and the colours orange and black, bring luck.

Three of Earth

Last card in Lizzo’s reading is the 3 of Earth, showing prizes in three parts. Writing and performing a three-part flute solo for a global celebration can make her even more of a worldwide superstar.