Lily Collins

Actress Lily Collins will turn 35 on March 18

Daughter of musician Phil Collins and his second wife, American Jill Tavelman, Lily is the star of Netflix hit Emily In Paris, with a fourth series on the way. She’s also set to produce and star in the upcoming Polly Pocket movie, based on the tiny toy, directed by Lena Dunham. Lily is married to writer/director Charlie McDowell.

Ace of Earth

Lily’s reading begins with the Ace of Earth, suggesting balance she has achieved between her life and work will continue, even if a whole new level of fame demands her time and energy. A gift or trophy of shining gold is close, and means a lot because of its origins. A follow-up to Lily's memoir, about her eating disorder and mental health, can be Number One on a world-beating list.


Card Two is Beginning, a card of freedom and fresh starts. A life in a new “C” location, more time spent in or near nature and numbers with multiple zeros bring luck. Even if she may not feel 100% ready, Lily can embrace a change of identity, perhaps via parenthood, or a new nationality.

Air Queen

Lastly, I draw the Air Queen, indicating an older woman who is strong and supportive, but also outspoken. They can create something unique together.