Lily Collins

Actress and author Lily Collins will turn 31 on March 18

Brilliant, super-busy, and wonderful to watch, Lily, the daughter of music star Phil Collins, shone in Les Miserables. She’ll be on TV again soon in new show Emily in Paris, and in UK cinemas in May in the thriller Inheritance. Lily has also written a book about her experience with an eating disorder.


The first card coming out of the pack is Temperance, showing that after a time of patience, new and rewarding balance is possible. This stems from blending two very different landscapes or outlooks. Lily can mix her skills up and secure a home in a country of great contrasts - heat and cold, mountains and desert. Two or more families, could, join together to create a company dedicated to making people happy and confident.

Water Princess

Second card is The Water Princess, symbol of hard-won self knowledge and absolute honesty. A celebrity woman, with fashion style that stands out, is Lily’s connection to a deep, satisfying sense of self. They share much more than they realise and can work together to help others to build great relationships.

Three of Fire

And now for the last card. Yes, it’s The Three Of Fire, card of laughter and fun, linked to groups of three (actors or musicians) and messages of three words. And a TV reveals her special genius.