Liam Gallagher

Rock star Liam Gallagher will turn 50 on September 21

A milestone birthday for the former Oasis frontman, who is enjoying a successful solo career with a world tour, a new album C’mon You Know and a series of packed UK stadium gigs over the past summer. Liam has four children and is engaged to music manager Debbie Gwyther.

High Priest

First card on my table for Liam is The High Priest, representing maturity, wisdom and advice, and choosing a path that’s rich in experience and knowledge rather than money. Liam may find himself playing the key role in a family reconciliation or reunion, and able, at last, to put past differences aside with his brother Noel. A gift that includes a key, and a special role in a ceremony can be part of this process.

Fire Prince

Liam’s second card is the Fire Prince, linking him to a TV presenter who always makes him laugh and lights up any room. Together they could produce, and present, a music show to break all world records.


Card Three is The Sun — symbol of daring ideas, and golden prizes. A film-making collaboration can start a process of professional and personal triumph. A new Gallagher can be named after a hot location.