Lewis Hamilton

Racing driver Lewis Hamilton will turn 38 on January 7

He started with a go-kart at age 6 and has gone on to hold a joint world record with seven World Champion Driver’s awards in Formula One racing. Lewis is also supports many causes, and is an advocate for greater diversity in motor racing. He was knighted in 2021.


First card on my table is the symbol of music and relaxation - Temperance. This is a card of balance above all - and linking up with a world-famous musician, who also loves to drive, can lead to a global collaboration but also a new sense of peace in Lewis’ mind, and lifestyle. A campfire in a remote location, with lots of wide open spaces around, can be where he starts to see his true purpose in life. And swops a steering wheel for a horse-riding saddle.

Seven of Air

Next card for Lewis is the Seven of Air, a card of ideas turning into action, almost overnight. A family of seven, a house reached by seven steps and a seven-week journey can all be part of this process.


Last but not least, I draw The Lovers, suggesting impulsive, game-changing choices which entice with an element of risk. This card can show outside disruption to an existing lovebond, or a head-over-heels scenario where physical attraction is all-powerful. “L” locations are key.