Lena Dunham

Actress Writer Director Lena Dunham will turn 37 on May 13

Born in New York, Lena had written, made and starred in her first film by 23, then developed smash hit TV comedy Girls. Later she went on to direct, most recently in films Catherine Called Birdy and Sharp Stick. Lena has undergone her share of health issues and controversy. She’s married to Peruvian-British musician Luis Felber and lives in London.

Earth King

First on my table is the Earth King - a card of grounded happiness with connections to medicine and healing. An “R” health-based food or activity from the other side of the world can change the course of Lena’s future.

Ace of Water

Next is the Ace of Water, a powerful indication of uniting different ideas and outlooks into one fertile project. Writing or performing with members of her family opens up a new success pathway - and Lena’s name on a mystery story set in a British seaside town can go global. This card also often suggests a natural gift for solving complex puzzles, perhaps on camera.


Lena’s final card is the Sun, shining warmth and light into every corner of life. In love terms, this card represents a strong, mature (but hot!) bond. A building in sunshine colours, with a famous history, can be where Lena and Luis make life-changing music together.