Lady Gaga

Actress and singer Lady Gaga will turn 38 on March 28

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York, Lady Gaga is a global megastar singer/songwriter, fashion icon and proud champion of LGBT rights and the wellbeing of young people. She’s also an accomplished actress, and will appear this year in Joker: Folie a Deux with Joaquin Phoenix.


Lady Gaga’s first card is the Magician, reflecting her screen and stage presence and ability to change her look and sound in ways that mesmerise any audience.  But this can also be a symbol of doubting trust, and finding it hard to believe feelings are real. One equally shape-shifting, stylish celebrity can change this when they meet in a location famous for illusion.

Water Queen

Card two is the Water Queen, symbol of sensitive care and an almost psychic ability to tune into other hearts and minds. Lady Gaga shares a unique close bond with her millions of “Little Monsters” fans, and writing a book, or making a film, together can change lives worldwide. This card also highlights key choices linked to children.

Seven of Earth

Last out is the Seven of Earth, card of travelling back in time, physically and emotionally, at least seven years - to confront past troubles, in search of future closure.