Kit Harington

Actor Kit Harington will turn 36 on December 26

Kit is an accomplished stage and movie actor, perhaps best known for playing Jon Snow in the mammoth TV series, Game Of Thrones. A Jon Snow spin-off series is rumoured to be in development. Kit married Scottish actress and fellow GoT star Rose Leslie in 2018 and they have one son.

Six of Earth

Kit’s first card is the 6 of Earth, showing a sum of cash moving through at least six generations, tied to a document in ornate handwriting with large, unusual loops. This can also link Kit - who can claim royal ancestry - with a castle on a remote island.


Card two on my table is the Emperor, a powerful emblem of courage and forward-facing energy. Workwise, this pairs Kit with a man with a loud voice, flamboyant fashion style and an Italian name, to tell a scary story together.


The final card for Kit is The Moon, which is one of the most creative, and sensual, tarot symbols. A movie or TV show filmed mostly in the dark - either at night or underground, can be an unexpected blockbuster. And a business meeting on the top floor of a landmark building is significant, too, in career terms. But also because it helps Kit see where and how he really wants to live. And start making it happen.