Khloe Kardashian

Reality Star Khloe Kardashian will turn 39 on June 27

With the rest of her famous family, Khloe has become a fixture on TV screens, currently starring in The Kardashians. She has also been involved in producing beauty brands, fashion and books, among many other enterprises. Khloe is in an on-off relationship with US basketball star Tristan Thompson and has two children.

Six of Earth

Khloe’s first card is the 6 of Earth, showing a sum of cash moving through generations, via beautiful handwriting with large, unusual loops. This may be a forgotten, or maybe sidelined, branch of the Kardashian family, with links to a remote island - where personal promises can be made, by Christmas.


Card two is the Emperor, a powerful signifier of courage and forward-facing energy. This teams Khloe up with a high profile man with a loud voice, to tell a true story together. Perhaps linked to Khloe’s personal health experiences. It will be a tough process, but one Khloe emerges from stronger.


Lastly I draw the Moon, a super-sensual, creative card. This suggests moonlight chats, swims and walks can reveal so much. A robe in blue can mark Khloe’s deepening of some religious or spiritual studies.