Kevin Clifton

Dancer Kevin Clifton will turn 39 on October 13

As a professional dancer, Kevin has starred in many series of Strictly Come Dancing. He won the glitterball trophy in 2016, with TV presenter Stacey Dooley, who’s now also his romantic partner. Kevin comes from a family of dancers and has previously been married three times. He’ll be on UK tour in 2022 with his own dance show, Burn The Floor.


Kevin’s first card is the Emperor, a card of masculine energy and courage, suggesting a tender heart hidden under toughness. This reveals a switch from work slow down to full speed ahead, and this can include a series of roles far bigger than Kevin expects, perhaps because he is asked to step in at the last moment. Maybe on a judging panel. Or taking part in a top-secret event, linked to a royal couple and/or a larger-than-life character in government or entertainment.

Self Sacrifice

Card Two is Self Sacrifice, symbol of accepting what can’t be changed, and also learning to support special people’s paths through life. Even when it means time out of the limelight.

Ace of Earth

Lastly, Kevin has the Ace of Earth, card of making big decisions now, rather than putting them off. A single piece of gold, as a trophy or jewellery, can be part of this process.