Keeley Hawes

Muti-award-w1inning actress Keeley Hawes will turn 44 on February 10

From Spooks, via The Durrells, to Bodyguard, Keeley is one of the most in-demand actresses. She’s currently filming a new ITV comedy-drama, Finding Alice, and stars in the film Misbehaviour, out next month.


The first card to come out of the pack for her is Strength - inspiring symbol of emotional courage. This card encourages stepping up and standing out, even more, in the ultra competitive entertainment industry. And it suggests she could head up a very creative, but challenging, group of people. She could direct and produce as well as being the leading actress.

Water Queen

The second card is The Water Queen, a card of deep intuition but also with an element of intrigue. Keeley can lead those closest to her in a discussion linked to helping animals, and a project bearing her name draws attention from a real-life Royal family.


The third card is The Empress - potent symbol of nature and the natural world. A historic building, deep in the countryside, feels like home the moment Keeley sees it. And an outdoor spectacular fund-raising event she and husband Matthew MacFadyen, are a key part of, could make history right around the world.