Katy Perry

Music star and song writer Katy Perry turns 34 on October 25

Her brilliant voice, plus her truly remarkable gift for writing songs, not just for herself but for other major artists, doubles her success levels. But it’s for her charity work, that she has just been presented with a major award. And her talent for understanding what others need is reflected in the first card out of the pack for her.

Air Queen

Yes, it’s The Air Queen. It signals that, as well as the public Katy, whose powerful and vivid performances thrill the audience, there is a gentler, creative, even shy Katy — and books she writes, as well a TV show, will be dedicated to helping people solve their emotional and practical problems.

Water King

Her second card is The Water King, the most passionate and romantic in the pack. And it suggests she’ll soon be wearing an intricate, beautiful vintage ring with a rich, royal and mysterious European history. And as she and her beau, Orlando Bloom, decode this mystery, they realise it would make a great movie script — for the two of them.

High Priestess

The last card is The High Priestess. And it shows her looking deeper into life and love and discovering much about herself and others. Inner strength and intuition help her recognise genuine people. And she will have a key role in a charity as well as her music. She’ll also be at the heart of an interesting and happy household with three talented children.