Katy Perry

Singing superstar and TV judge Katy Perry Will turn 35 on October 25

Her most recent song Harleys In Hawaii is just released, and she is one of the richest, most successful musicians of all time, and has phenomenal numbers of social media followers, with 110 million on Twitter. What does the Tarot suggest is ahead for Katy?


First out of the pack is the card called The Lovers - symbol of impulsive, far-reaching, adventurous love choices which could lead to the deepest passion. This card can show a head-over-heels attraction, where physical attraction is powerful but there is also a true connection of minds. It could all start with a meeting in an “L” location. A superfan’s stage-magic idea can go stratospheric for Katy.

High Priestess

Card Two is The High Priestess which shows she has psychic skills and can interpret dreams in ways that inspire others to fulfil their ambitions. Family members draw closer and someone who shares at least one of her names is in the frame for a creative partnership. Learning a new solo skill, perhaps linked to flying, gives her a new sense of freedom and personal confidence.

Eight of Air

The third card is The Eight of Air. It signifies fast and insightful thinking and deduction skills. Katy is quite suddenly drawn to writing detective stories then she can move on to a real-life sleuthing role — and solve some of the world’s longest-running and most intriguing mysteries.