Katie Piper

TV presenter and campaigner Katie Piper will turn 37 on October 12

Katie has come through years of treatment and operations to make a career in television, and establish the Katie Piper Foundation, supporting victims of burns and disfigurements. She’s married with two daughters and is joining the presenting team on BBC1’s Songs of Praise.


I draw the Sun first for Katie, starting her reading in such a positive, forward-facing way. This is a card of success and self-awareness, building on strengths. A path into politics, or to the top of a global organisation takes Katie to the centre of a circle of flags. Shared land for building, or growing, is significant, and she’ll be involved with a unique sun-linked product.

Seven of Air

Next card for Katie is Seven of Air. All teams of seven, or projects in seven steps, lead her to luck. As a strong action card, this sweeps away doubts, and is also often a sign of a second honeymoon, renewal of vows or other romantic event on a “7” date.


Katie’s final card is the Chariot, symbol of change, travel and competition - and inner peace replacing a need to pretend. Sharing deep beliefs can lead Katie to a new role as a spiritual or emotional leader, with a secret Royal follower.