Katherine Jenkins

Opera Singer Katherine Jenkins will turn 42 on June 29

Born in Wales, Katherine is a mezzo-soprano and has performed widely, released many successful albums plus entertained the UK armed forces. She’s married to American artist Andrew Levitas and they have two children.


Katherine’s first card is Strength, representing individuality — and the drive to pursue personal creative dreams. Katherine may consider a long list of projects, but one that includes a leadership role in a worldwide system of beliefs can be a great option. She can also reach a whole new audience by duetting with someone who recently survived very demanding personal times.

Self Sacrifice

Card Two is Self-Sacrifice, a symbol of absolute immersion in a project or a person, rather than staying at a safe distance. From parenthood to spirituality to gaining a professional qualification (perhaps in secret) the more Katherine gives of herself to a challenge, the more she can get back. This leads to a future of fresh personal freedom.

Eight of Air

Finally, I draw the Eight of Air. This is a card of intellectual self-belief, a key factor in setting past doubts aside. If Katherine has outgrown a close professional or personal bond, they can part as friends. A song she performs for the eight time, can be significant also.