Jude Law

Actor Jude Law will turn 48 on December 29

Jude Law has starred in numerous TV shows and movies, most recently The Nest, available on streaming services. He's married to psychologist Philippa Coan, they had their first child together in September 2020. Jude is dad to five other kids from previous relationships.


Jude’s reading starts with the Strength card, indicating strength tamed into tenderness, and a wonderful new phase of life riches and rewards. This card links Jude in many positive ways to people born under the starsign of Leo, and anyone who works with animals, or an organisation with a lion logo, can be part of his future. Teams of 11 and any combination of golden yellows and warm browns lead Jude to luck, too.

High Priestess

Next card is The High Priestess, symbol of intuition and the ability to see right into other people’s minds. A message Jude picks up about a celebrity friend could end up saving lives - and he can develop this extra-sensory skill even further, on camera and off. A powerful woman who heads up a property company is a key factor in a major family decision.

Three of Water

Lastly, I draw the 3 of Water, indicating a reunion after three years apart, a house next to the sea and a child from a long distance away.