Jude Bellingham

Footballer Jude Bellingham will turn 21 on June 29

One of the most gifted young footballers in the world, midfielder Jude played first for Birmingham City, moving at just 17 to Borussia Dortmund in Germany and he’s now a star at Real Madrid. Jude is a key part of the England squad at ongoing EUEFA EURO 2024 and reported to be in a relationship with Dutch model Laura Celia Valk.


Jude’s first card is The Magician, reflecting his ability to stage mesmerising feats on the football field, and hold an audience in the palm of his hand. But this card suggests he still has something spellbinding to pull out of the hat, and this can be his week to do it.

Fire King

Card two is the Fire King, a strong symbol of an age-gap mentoring relationship, usually with an older man. This card can indicate a tendency to push too hard in a physical sense, set personal unrealistic goals - and it’s very important to be kind, as well as ambitious. This older man can be a great source of emotional support.


Lastly, I draw The Sun for Jude, indicating warmth, heat, success. As long as confidence stays on the side of sharing and caring, and doesn’t slip into arrogance. A home in a sunny climate can be the scene of much happiness.