John Hannah

Actor John Hannah Will turn 58 on April 23

John, who was born in East Kilbride, Scotland got his big break in the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral and has been a familiar face on screens ever since. His next film, World War II drama Enemy Lines, will be released at some point in 2020.

Six of Earth

John’s first tarot card is the 6 of Earth, showing a sum of cash moving through generations, tied to beautiful handwriting with large, unusual loops. This may be a forgotten branch of John’s family, with links to a remote island. Where a re-celebration of some heartfelt promises can happen, very soon.


The second card on my table is the Emperor, a powerful emblem of courage and forward-facing energy. This teams John up with a dynamic man with a loud voice, a distinctive style and an Italian name, to tell a true story together. It will be a testing process, but one John emerges from fulfilled and inspired.


The final card for John is The Moon, mega-sensual and creative - this suggests that moonlight chats, swims and walks reveal so much. And surrounding himself with cool shades of blue can free any emotions he finds hard to share. A business meeting on the top floor of a high building is significant, in career terms.