John Bishop

Comedian, actor, and TV presenter John Bishop turns 52 on November 30

As his brilliant new video, Winging It, filmed live at the Palladium, goes on sale this week, John’s career just gets
hotter and hotter. He’ll be in demand for tough, dramatic acting roles, as well as comedies, shine in panel games, and be the chat show host who gets guests talking on a deeper, more personal level than ever before.


All of this is reflected in the first card out of the pack, The World. It confirms that he is multi-talented and can do the serious stuff as well as top quality stand-up comedy.

Earth King

His people skills, and the natural way he communicates, fuel his popularity but, as his next card The Earth King shows, it doesn't mean he is a softie. As a footballer, John was known, and respected for his aggressive playing style. And now it makes him the action hero in celebrity matches.

Five of Water

The card that looks further into his future is the The Five Of Water. And this victory card sees a shelf-full of best actor awards. And he will be moving to a famous mansion where he’ll set up his production company. It’s set in hundreds of acres of land so he and his family can continue to provide a home for rescue horses — including a yearling filly who goes on to be a champion race horse.