Joey Essex

TV personality Joey Essex will turn 30 on July 29

He burst on to our screens in The Only Way Is Essex, and Joey’s starred in a series of TV reality shows ever since, including most recently Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins. Joey, whose mum died when he was just 10, is also an ambassador for Child Bereavement UK.

Wheel of Fortune

First Tarot card for Joey is the Wheel of Fortune, which acts as a reminder of the circle of life, natural ups and downs in luck and love. Joey’s already great resilience grows stronger with this card, helping him make a move back towards the one person in his life who really matters to him (maybe in secret). A game show role that involves many zeroes, and a long road or rail journey north, are also indicated.


Card Two for Joey is The Empress, symbol of nourishment and care. Joey is ready to take skills he learned in one of his TV reality roles towards a new business. This links to food, fitness - or maybe both, combined in a unique way. An older woman plays a part. Plus Joey is so close now to starting his own family.

Four of Earth

Finally I draw the 4 of Earth, suggesting a move away from an address that has never felt a true home. A tantalising love choice between a rich celebrity and a gorgeous gardener tests Joey’s heart.